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on by the u.s.. >>> and residents of the resort city of sochi are in a whirl of activity three months ahead of the winter olympics. >>> chinese officials are tightening security in beijing ahead of a key meeting. the increased measures follow last week's fatal car crash near tiananmen square which the government teamdeemed an act of terror. officials have been ordered to quash acts of terrorism in the planning stage. the website shed quo inspected police boxes in the capital on monday. he urged police officers to increase their visibility so citizens will feel safer and said china faces a tough fight against terrorism. he called for extra vigilance. last week a sport utility vehicle veered into a crowd of tourists and burst into flames. three passengers were killed along with two by stapders. chinese authorities arrested five in connection with the skept. all are believed to be members of the uighur minority group. the third plenary is due to start on saturday. china's leaders have lashed out at foreign observers on their views of the tiananmen square crash. u.s. state department personnel
including tax elimination and intellectual property rights us officials have submitted a document covering more than half of the twenty one categories under discussion including investment environment and the government that can dance but they aren't giving away on some of the issues that had invited participant negotiators from emerging economies want foreign companies to share knowledge and technologies when they in fact the us delegates want to make sure government can demand technology transfer if an athlete and a thirty one st rita's have had a busy few weeks the dow jones industrial average keeps revealing it to read it i knew chad johnson now found that this is that so it's been going up and up enough where we had no one is for the number of times it's broken a record kept it in the seventh one night just this month it to put that into perspective the dogs caught up more than twelve hundred dollars over the last forty days. i mean this is placed. new york stocks to an all time high on monday assertion by letters lifted the dow jones in the shop which passed the sixteen thousand mark
we're following this hour. >>> two u.s. war planes have flown through china's new air defense identification zone without warning chinese authorities. >>> thai security forces are looking to arrest an opposition leader as the political confrontation rages on. >>> and japanese lovers of astronomy are getting ready for the space show as comet isod approaches the sun. >>> u.s. commanders have defied their counterparts in china. over the weekend, chinese leaders said they were establishing an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. u.s. defense officials promised they would challenge the zone and now they've revealed two u.s. bombers flew through the area without informing chinese authorities. pentagon spokesperson colonel steve warren said the planes took off on tuesday from the u.s. pacific territory of guam, then entered the zone. they are reported to be b-52 bombers. warren said the planes were not armed, and he said the flights were part of a planned exercise. he said the u.s. aircraft were neither observed, nor contacted by chinese planes. chinese authoritie
challenges. most pressing is a lack of clean drinking water. >>> the new u.s. ambassador to japan has arrived. caroline kennedy is expected to bolster relations between the two countries. >>> and south korea hopes a revised education system using information technology will help strengthen the academic abilities of its students. >>> one of the most urgent needs for survivors of typhoon haiyan is access to clean drinking water. over a week after the massive storm made landfall in the philippines, the situation in the disaster zone remains chaotic. almost 1.5 million people have been forced from their homes. 70% of them, about 1.1 million people, have to live out in the open. philippine disaster management officials say they confirmed more than 1,000 deaths on friday alone. this brings the total number of people killed to 3,621. in tacloban, sanitary conditions are getting worse. water stations have been set up at a few locations, and a water truck is operating around the city. but even with those measures, there is still a serious shortage of drinking water. evacuees at a school in central tac
on japan. japanese officials plan to work with their counterparts of the us and other countries to have the chinese retract the measures. white house spokesperson josh earnest said disputes in the region should be resolved diplomatically. a pentagon spokesperson says us forces will not champ change how they conduct their operations colonel steve warren says us pilots will register their flight plans or identify themselves. the chief of japan's maritime self defense force says sts aircraft crews are responding coleen safely to china's creation of the arizona for the east china sea the chief of staff cuts though she counted told reporters that the maritime self defense force's watching design. the book anything in which china's declaration of an air defense identification zone and restrictions on flights that could lead to a contingency. it's a dangerous situation. on a ladder that under the circumstances it's important to show the strong alliance between the us and japan. japanese government officials are telling their civilian pilots the same thing they say airlines don't need to regist
of refined education system using information technology will help strengthen the academic ability of students the official death toll from typhoon higher yen has risen sharply one week after the monster storm ripped across the center of the philippines. concerns are mounting over pork hygiene and the risk of disease among hundreds of thousands of survivors try to douse in its reporting for us from manila the prey or need for relief workers for me to get life saving supplies to survivors of the deadly storm. initial response was heavily criticized for being slow enough that day. the actual africa has now started taking even still the confirmed death toll from typhoon high jump by about one thousand on friday to three thousand six hundred twenty one. i was one of million survivors have been forced to bear more than thirty percent of them were somewhat point one million people living without shelter world health organization representative to the philippines killing almost as a faith and growing threat from disney. we are a true suppos the province of south to a rapid rate and increa
we're following this hero. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is joining talks in geneva to try to help negotiators reach a deal over iran's nuclear program. >>> authorities in china have the man they expect was involved in a deadly bombing outside a communist party building. >>> and the strongest typhoon of the year has hit the philippines and residents are running for cover. >>> the u.s. secretary of state is joining talks over iran's nuclear program. john kerry is trying to assist negotiators from iran and six major countries reach a breakthrough deal. kerry changed his schedule and flew to geneva after a visit to the middle east. iranian negotiators are meeting with their counterparts from the u.s., russia, china, britain, france, and germany. the negotiators from the six countries want iran to scale back its uranium enrichment program to alleviate concerns over the country's suspected development of nuclear weapons. in return, the u.s. and other countries say they might consider relaxing sanctions that crippled iran's economy. u.s. president barack obama says there is a pos
members for a deadly car crash in beijing. >>> airline passengers in the u.s. will soon not need to switch off their electronic gadgets during flights. >>> and emergency coordinators for unicef say children in syria lack many of the things they need to develop, and they are warning of a lost generation. >>> members of an ethnic minority group in china say they are being harassed. government authorities are blaming uygur people for a deadly car crash near tiananmen square and members of the group are concerned it will spread. nhk has more. >> reporter: a utility vehicle went into a crowd on monday, then crash and burst into flame. the three people in the suv were killed, along with two bystanders. investigators have described the incident as a well organized terrorist attack. they say all of them are uggers, as were the three people in the car. a spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry suggested members of the east turkish islamic movement may be linked to the incident. the group is fighting for independence in the autonomous region. uggers in beijing say they are experiencing backlas
thinking quite a bit last week but it was just tell you. us stocks ended last week on a positive note after hitting a series of all time highs. investors were becoming more hopeful that the federal reserve would keep its easy monetary policy in place for the time being. the dow jones industrial average closed at fifteen thousand not fifteen thousand and nine hundred and sixty one at some of the but more than half a percent and the nasdaq also ended up a third of a percent. i too think i'll stop here are a changing lives go to our very own remain on track to standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. i mean we just have a solid week out with the nikkei performing well. are things looking now yep pretty solid week of last week as he sat there i was having a look at the opening levels for today november the eighteenth monday and both indexes therein be positive. fifteen thousand two hundred so the wonderful than a k a one thousand two hundred and forty five for the top it's been a catchy rose more than seven percent last week it was actually one of his best weeks since two thousand and nine. the
with a proposal for restarting the talks. u.s. representative glyn davies discussed the proposal with they south korean counterpart. >> in all of about four hours of discussion, very wide range. we talked about all aspects of the north korean issue. and we will come back to the table tomorrow. >> davies plans to sit down with a senior japanese official on wednesday. ihara is chief of the foreign ministry's asian affairs bureau. negotiators to the six-party talks last met nearly five years ago. north korean officials want to resume the talks without preconditions. china chairs the forum and its leaders back the north's position, but officials in the u.s., south korea and ja fan want to see concrete action first. they're calling on leaders in pyongyang to make progress on denuclearization. >>> japan's financial authorities are reinspecting the mizuho bank to see if the bank unintentionally filed a false report on local loans to criminal syndicates as the bankers claim. they say its officials didn't investigate thoroughly and that they made a mistake in saying that the top executives knew of the le
precautions. showing one of the evacuation centers there. this is one of the churches being used, about 170 families inside. this is a group of islands. it's not like here you can jump on the interstate and start hefding north or south. no, you head to higher elevations, get inside a secure building. that's what people are doing. i'm show you video out of the same area where people are taking the boats out of the waters here, starting to make preparations ahead of the storm. loading various supplies on their vehicles and all the evacuation centers as well. that was a church i showed you earlier, a gymnasium, one of the sturdy buildings being tested tonight as the winds gust up and over 300 kilometers per hour. expecting to make landfall right around the early morning hours here. throughout the evening hours on thursday, conditions. >> reporter: going downhill. we're seeing widespread rain showers pushing onshore. this is why there's a high risk of flooding. waves up about ten meters high. along the northern periphery of this center of circulation, that's where the area is for highest risk o
they declared an air defense zone over islands controlled by japan. >>> some u.s. lawmakers are skeptical about a deal to limit iran's nuclear program, saying sanctions should not be eased. >>> the new u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy, is touring areas affected by the 2011 disaster, saying her country will continue to offer support. >>> chinese officials find themselves at the center of a diplomatic dispute. over the weekend, they announced that they'd set up an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. that drew immediate criticism from japan, south korea, and the u.s. and now the chinese are criticizing the americans for how they've reacted. the zone includes air space over the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands, china and taiwan claim them. in terms of international law, japanese officials launched a protest and u.s. officials said they were deeply concerned. now china's foreign ministry has released a statement criticizing the americans for taking sides. the document urged them to stop making irresponsible remarks. the document says the chinese launched a p
's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am two us warplanes have blown through china's new air defense identification zone without forcing chinese authorities. thai security forces are looking to the opposition leader property has a political issue. rick is on. and these lovers the best that we are getting ready for this show as comet. i started this site china has optional regional tensions with its declaration of a new era defense identification zone over a wide area above the east tennessee us b fifty two bombers have now flown through the area. he gave no advance notice of their flight as china has demanded china did not respond militarily. nhk world the helium a motel has more us defence officials said that to please people. it's great to know flight training they seem cool. indeed two and three. they say the police will call the film was hit by a china including the space with a single client. japan control the china and taiwan clean japan maintains that the single coolest been known to the country. historically and in terms of international role. china has said
the tasty it will be a slight rise on on with the teens from tokyo. us defence officials have signaled they will not recognize chinese control over an area of the east china sea. chinese leaders announced over the weekend that they'd set up an air defense identification zone us commanders promised the talons the zone they pulled through by flying to the fifty two bombers to the area without informing the chinese and its key roles considering a mom with all reports. us defence officials said the two planes people breaking the flight training they seem cool. indeed two and two. they say the police were local the film was hit by a china including the space with a single client. to control. the china and taiwan clean japan maintains that the single coolest built to the country historically and in terms of the national mall. china has said it may respond with force croft entering the film failed to provide identification and fun. but to us. officials said they gave no note. and there was always pulls from china the us military plans to continue flying across the zone china's defense ministr
use you will will will will will will. althey've got to happy with the addition of these line it's a friday november eight. i'm counting comane and tokyo negotiators from kiran and six world powers have reopened times on iran's nuclear program which both sides expressing their optimism. delegates from the us as say their side would consider relaxing some sanctions in exchange they want the iranians take steps to limit their nuclear activities. the remaining dough she has a meeting in geneva with their counterparts from the us russia china britain france and germany. yippee union foreign policy chief catherine ashton chairs the times. the main entrance as they using their nuclear program for peaceful purposes negotiators from the six powers to thank the rains are developing nuclear weapons they want them to scale back the uranium enrichment. the u s officials say they might consider relaxing sanctions that have crippled iran's economy it wasn't motivated individual who knew how to diminish those are all local bookies to be done to me said the negotiators am making progress but he
to change life for garment workers in bangladesh. using local resources in traditional craftsmanship two diplomats from four western powers are joining talks on iran stood clear program. they're hoping to assist iranian and western negotiators reached a breakthrough deal. us secretary of state john kerry and the foreign ministers from france britain and germany are making unscheduled trips to geneva to join the talks. iranian negotiators are meeting with their counterparts from the five un security council permanent members and germany the negotiators want iran to scale back its uranium enrichment program to alleviate concerns over the country suspected involvement of nuclear weapons in return the us and other countries say they might relax sanctions that have crippled iran's economy us president barack obama says there is a possibility that a relaxation of sanctions could be phased in we can provide them some very modest. police. but given the sanctions architecture imports keeping for sanctions in place iranian foreign minister mohamed job i'm sorry it has also expressed hopes of reach
it doesn't take into account the emission cuts possible when using nuclear plants. others at the conference are lining up with their criticisms. >> translator: now is not the time to lower the target. japan should aim to meet the previous target. >> translator: generally speaking, i'm very disappointed with the new target. whatever their explanation is, we want to see action. we want to see results. >> the u.s. special envoy for climate change defended japan. todd stern says the company is under special restrictions after the accident at fukushima. >>> a senior white house official says u.s. president barack obama will visit asia in april of next year. national security adviser susan rice said the u.s. remains committed to rebalancing its security and economic priorities to the asia pacific region. >> to address emerging challenges as effectively as we deter conventional threats, we're urging our allies and partners to take greater responsibility for defending our common interests and values. >> rice expressed hope for japan's goal to launch a national security council that would oversee th
is an amiable and constitute the peaceful use of nuclear power are not terrified here in the community and beyond a certain level of purity. what enabled the ukrainians could keep the market nuclear weapons. korea plans to set up fourteen year economics and sing in an apparent bid to attract foreign investment and it comes as the economy is being hampered by international sanctions as well as the shortage of raw materials energy and foreign currency. the stadium of the supreme people's assembly announced on thursday that the country will create a special economic region in the town of fiji. it is located in the northwestern province of colombo to which borders chinant areas will be t up and thirteen additional locations including one sun city in the eastern province of ca want to know what is expected to introduce tax breaks and other preferential treatment in the new economic sounds. korea was to build on its experience gained from operating an industrial complex with south korea and an economic and trade area with china. however international trends and investors remain wary of pyong
by china and taiwan china's defense ministry said in a team matches including the use of force would be taken if the cop lying in the sound did not obey the country's instructions. the start of the porches on sunday that such a unilateral act is full of danger in custody to an unexpected situation did you it is still set by jury to conclude the same car cool items which are inherently japanese territory. this new development is one that we cannot accept what he needed to be so congress. just us at the ministry's asian affairs unit chief town to protest that i announce it today. he said the ministry is considering launching another contest by higher your ranking japanese officials the japanese company maintains that the center line and historically been known to japan in accordance with international. here is the sense that no sovereignty she has begun jean pierre and it is. top us officials have expressed strong consent of a tennis is now spends eight called on chinese state is to exercise caution and restraint. it depends how people send in turn as you know i'm too cool not in any w
. the north koreans could use them and teach extract attorney and the possible use in new zealand bands. eames spent days of not being able to visit seventeen says the poet is in accounting and expelled them in two thousand and nine amato is calling on tommy and to once again extend to suspect as me. global demand in two thousand eight following an international agreement that i'll ever be announced in april there will be stopped if it's the tea eye chinese leaders are standing their ground in the face of more complaints over then you will establish and defense identification zone. it rejected a request by us company x ray finds its own bridges over the east tennessee. this phase of the naps areas claimed by japan taiwan and south korea feels funny kind and self giving and talked about the sound inside. south korean officials say biased against them is that tec engine expressed regret spokesman j expressed regrets. authorities in the tenth end up without prior consultation. his chinese counterpart one one john every corner you can get a bequest to the chill of this town. one is deputy chief of
wing will will will. the eye the ira. the oil in a state will use line in russia plot on with the news from tokyo sign up as the police scrambled military aircraft to the east china sea the statements in one news agency says the country sends jets on friday morning after japanese and u s military aircraft entered china's air defense identification zone without prior notice is the first time china has announced that its troubled aircraft to the area since it declared the zone of the east tennessee last saturday chinese officials warn values for us. if aircraft flight to the area without giving prior notice the zoning close to think that the violence which japan controls and china claims the japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of the country's territory in terms of history and international law. japanese self defense force aircraft had been patrolling the area every day since china declared the zone last weekend. as if officials say they have not notified chinese o forty years in advance. the prime minister seems all of this as japan will deal
use of nuclear power. but their counterparts fear enriching uranium beyond a certain level of purity would enable the iranians to develop nuclear weapons. . >>> an oil pipeline in china's eastern province has exploded, killing 22 people. the blast occurred several hours after workers discovered an oil leak. state-run cctv says the explosion occurred in the city of qingdao friday morning. several dozen people were reportedly injured. authorities say workers were repairing a leak in the pipeline about seven hours before the explosion. they suspect the leaked oil caught fire and caused the blast. >>> military officials from both north and south korea say they'll counter any provocation from the other side. this weekend marks the third anniversary of the north's shelling of a south korean border island. the north korean military fired artillery shells onto yeonpyeong island in november 2010. four people were killed, including two civilians. south korea's military staged a drill on friday. it was based on a scenario of another shelling attack by the north on the island. the troops checked
am. you use you. thus the eye welcome to nhk world news live and you know tony and tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am people in the high noon in areas of the philippines are becoming increasingly frustrated as devastation and a deteriorating security and for relief efforts. us nuclear experts as the operator of the petition and iag power plant last that critically important factor in its approach to the commissioning of the damage reactions and here's my simple turn of events calendar way too cool to let you know who to watch the fight for the emperors. u s navy aircraft carrier has arrived off the coast of the philippines to boost the struggling response to thai food high in the massive storm ripped across the country almost one week ago leaving thousands dead the relief operations are still failing to deliver life saving supplies to remote areas and islands crocodiles and has this report from manila. the destruction wrought on the central philippines seems the president of our natural desires of this nature relief activities are called
write a book. enjoy the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes t network new new new new. old will banish their worldviews line runs a problem with the news from tokyo. delegates at a un climate conference in poland use over time negotiations despite a last minute deal to me that member countries most of the targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. i dispense went into the cop nineteen conference to prepare a new freeway to fight global warming the framework is to take effect in twenty twenty. but they struggled to find common ground between developed and developing countries. they finally we take each country with the made in a mesh emissions. i get on a voluntary basis. ideally by the spring of twenty fifteen they also called for an organization to support developing nations hit by natural disasters connected with global warming the warsaw conference was scheduled to conclude on friday but delegates kept working through saturday to ensure an end result. us secretary of state john kerry and the foreign ministers of five other countries are ga
used one. why would we welcome to this line. trying to tell. tables were taken monday said it was a scramble to find testament and defense identification downtown established upper part of the east china sea. children will occur this expense and for the chinese air force as saying. monday was sent to find tennis on friday. cook says the chance to talk because japanese and us ministry and cropped hair and ten china's hours now without giving prior notice. this is the post her name in chinese commanders have announced a scrambled because alex is a step is to ask son to die and the expenses sent to us abandons paint and ten japanese aircraft including f fifteen jets and attack the enemy act and its expenses said china's air force in the peak on one extreme or an aircraft that a riot act. chinese authorities have said and puffed and things as souness must notify them of flight plans and obey instructions. they don't they'll take what they called a majesty defensive measures if the instructions on top the intervening days and stay still to this end components japan can chill wit
some words for the u.s. treasury secretary when they met. ron madison from the business team has more on this. ron? >> the stalemate last month in the u.s. congress is still pretty fresh on the minds on not just americans, but also officials around the world, so the two did have discussions on that. taro aso has urged secretary jack lew that he was relieved that the u.s. avoided default in october, but he did point out that the nation could face the same situation again next year if the conflict continues in congress. aso said he hopes the u.s. will consider the impact the default could have on the world economy and deal with the problem. lew is discussing how to boost regional growth and complete the transpacific partnership agreement talks early next year. he spoke during his visit to tokyo. >> first of all, let me ask you about your assessment of the u.s. economy. how resilient is the economy? >> i think the u.s. economy has shown its resilience over the last few years, and particularly in recent economic data. i think we're seeing a lot of signs in a lot of parts of the economy of
as military police department buildings. former prime minister. i want to you can use these much needed time we're stepping up their campaign to remove the taxi receipt. into this crap come from. first you want to be huge political gamble. she forced into a steep hill through the lower house of parliament that could lead to tax the party fox was overthrown by the military in two thousand and six and the country in two thousand and eight. he was convicted of corruption would face jail if he returns critics of the docks at least eagles. the wait for her brother to come home what is going green the protesters. and so on rain is expected to approve and as you go. but alarmed by the end brands under the tree can be unanimously rejected the treaty the boat and anti toxin forces raised us. call for the overthrow of the cup longtime political confrontation. he has told voters supported by accident and sister. prime minister after party won elections in two thousand and eleven. both teams have benefited farmers will carry its most controversial issues. my inflated prices urban voters to keep your way
yet to comment b on the report. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is encouraging israeli leaders to put restrictions on the building of new settlements in occupied territories. he's trying to create a better climate for peace talks that resumed in july. abbas said this week that despite all the meetings, nothing has changed. the construction of new homes in the west bank and east jerusalem is hampering negotiations. >> we consider, now, and have always considered the settlements to be illegitimate. >> kerry is doing what he can to shore up palestinian support for the peace process. he has promised $75 million of aid to improve roads, school, and other infrastructure. >>> the head of tokyo electric power company says the utility is preparing a new report on the crisis at the crippled fukushima plant. the announcement comes as the company tries to gain understanding to start react tors in central japan. tepco managers released their first report on the disaster in june of last year. the evaluation was based on the company's own investigations. but many questions were left unanswere
in financial need. i knew too that joins us now from the business says tell us what's in it for the japanese account and they might be turned off the actual criticism for having to downgrade their own on carbon emissions on target they just close the cap and so on that government officials here in japan will announce a new plan at the upcoming un conference to support developing countries fight global warming. they plan to commit to sixteen billion dollars worth of aid the funds will go to pacific islands as well as asian and african countries facing sea level rises and climate change will be provided over three years through two thousand fifteen. the plan was to counter storm surges as well as construct thermal power plants less harmful to the environment. japanese officials will also announce the two thousand seventeen launch of the satellite to monitor greenhouse gases emitted by developing countries and will discuss the implementation of eco friendly technology. by the twenty third base developing countries are expected to seek thirty five billion dollars worth of aid at the conference.
a decontamination system workers wanted to start using the advanced liquid processing system or alps this year. it is designed to remove sixty two kinds of radioactive substances excluding tritium that they suspended a test run in june after they discovered erosion of a tank allowed on the process water to escape can fix the problem and we started tests on all three of the system's lines. officials say they found that helps can't fully remove for radioactive materials including cobalt and auntie molly. they say they will improve the system before making it fully operational next year. tesco plans to add more lines to the system. he wanted the contaminated all radioactive water at the plant by march two thousand and fifteen. police in japan are piecing together of history involving a stash of cocaine worth millions bags of the drug washed ashore this week. the first ones were found in the city of york was scott the fisherman came across four backpacks on tuesday containing about eighty kilograms of cocaine shalom amanda and i found the bags hitched onto the track that used to bring up folks. i'
agency says small iron balls were found scattered around which suggests handmade bombs were used. in photos posted online show damage to nearby cars, but many have already been removed from the internet. >>> family members of a prominent chinese human rights activist have left china. officials allowed the mother and brother to visit him in the united states. chen got in trouble for exposing forced abortions by chinese authorities. he escaped house arrest in april last year. he was allowed to leave for the united states after seeking asylum at the u.s. embassy in beijing. the blind activist has appealed for international pressure on china to improve its human rights record. chen's mother and brother flew to new york on wednesday. authorities in china initially did not accept their passport applications, but officials reversed the decision and issued their travel documents in june. chen's relatives have reportedly suffered repeatedly harassment since his departure. u.s. officials have conveyed their concerns to the chinese government. >>> japan's self-defense forces have installed
have been unable to keep up with the competition. now many are turning to technology used by the rivals in an effort to survive. nhk world's anna jong explains. >> reporter: shingi market began in the 1970s. they sell fresh food and daily necessities. south korea has 1,500 of these traditional markets. now technology is helping with tradition. since may, kim jo nin has become one of the shopkeepers to use a gadget in his 30-year-old grain store. a telecommunications company installed a device for free. it handles everything from credit cards to reward cards and the gathering and analyzing of purchase data. many shops used to be cash only. young shoppers at the market said they prefer to pay by card. customers migrated to large chain stores. some shops in the market were first to close. owners hope this technology will bring them back. young customers are already appearing at kim's store. they can use credit cards and collect points. sales have jumped more than 20%. kwong nin cho runs a rice cake store. he's started using another gadget. when he makes deliveries, he attaches a device to
of them to a certain extekd. cabinet officials say they plan to use the internet to boost awareness, especially among the young. >>> garment workers in bangladesh often work in harsh conditions for little pay. many make clothes and accessories for shoppers in the west. one japanese designer is working to change their plight using local resources and traditional craftsmanship. >> reporter: these handbags featuring natural motives are in the color of fruit. the bags are popular both among men and women. these are the shop's signature items made from local bangladeshi jute. all the merchandise is produced in bangladesh. this woman started her business in japan in 2006. the company has grown since then and now has 16 stores domestically and abroad. >> translator: you're not only designing products but building human relationships in stores which means you're managing a business too. creating a company here means forging a relationship between an economically developing country and an advanced country. >> reporter: after graduating from college, yamaguchi worked as an intern at an intern
subject to u.s. surveillance programs. the source added that u.s. surveillance gathering facilities are located at the country's military bases and embassies around the world. "the washington post" said the nsa collected information from the google and yahoo! data centers worldwide. is they posted that the infiltration was on wednesday by edward snowden. and by tapping into the links, the nsa has positioned itself to collect data from hundreds of millions of user accounts, this would include e-mails sent and received as well as text, audio and video. the post says that during a 30-day period up to january 9th of this year, the nsa used the links to collect more than 180 million new records. google said it is outraged at the lengths to which the government seems to have gone to intercept data from the firm's private fiber network. nsa chief general keith alexander has denied the allegations. he says that this is incorrect and that his organization gets court orders before collecting necessary information. the post's report suggests other means could intensify criticism of the u.s. go
typhoons are having trouble reaching some survivor us treasury secretary jack lewis told nhk he's optimistic that this is the partnership negotiations will be completed by the end of the year. not many elderly japanese women commit crimes but their number is increasing and some say it reveals a hidden aspect of the beach. the site. hundreds of thousands of survivors of thai food. heidi and face another desperate nine each it's now four days since the massive storm whipped a trail of destruction across the philippines the international community is stepping up its response as the scale of the disaster becomes apparent to the gals in reports from manila the mime type known as causing the loss of life and property here the bill the situation faced by survivors is getting more and more severe and every hour passes for reporting from email and spam the normal price caps from bangkok to get it out the devastation as one of the earth to help the bed. and don't open for the healthy natural disaster at one thousand seven hundred and four. sydney the tenth of may three of them are the wor
is sending national security adviser yosi cohan and members of his team to the u.s. capitol. they'll hold talks to their american counterparts about a comprehensive accord with iran. >>> chinese leaders are hearing more criticism about their decision to set up an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. a white house spokesperson called the announcement unnecessary inflammatory. japanese officials want the chinese to revoke the measures. chinese officials announced on saturday that they had set up the zone that includes air space over the senkaku islands. japan claims the islands belong to the country. china and taiwan also claim them. chinese officials said aircraft entering the air space must obey instructions. they warned of emergency defensive measures if their instructions are not followed. japanese prime minister shinzo abe called the creation of the zone very dangerous and said it could escalate the situation in the region and lead to unintended consequences, and he said the measures have no validity on japan. japanese officials plan to work with their counterparts
in the capital tehran and for the largest anti us rally in years unlike the thirty fourth anniversary of the start of the rain in hostage crisis since it is time to think outside the use of us and the state in nineteen seventy nine students joined the building and to dozens of people hostage. a countdown for more than a year the people at the rally demonstrated against the policies that prevent her from behind the hardliners and prices and tricks to leak out to be the last. saying to the need laws to move money in the presidential election in june with pushing to maintain and longtime start against the us. this weekend i did to america. he's assembled troops. something truly rainy and sing the white house press secretary admitted there will be challenges in preparing times. we believe in it the vast majority of iranians would prefer a better relationship with the west. and would prefer the benefits of a better relationship with the west i said a history of mistrust or will not be erased overnight but he said americans engaged in serious negotiations to stop the advance of the lancet
late to reconsider. didn't you. this use of that the deal he's rolled prime minister said if i will get everything in fines without losing its capability to develop new camo pants. at least three people and their intent died so far from time to aim high and that number is expected to rise as reports come in from the affected areas. that may take some time as ms lines of communication have been kind to kill all scared me no comp last call from them typically the branding and can barely keep up with me. had she been nineteen months. teaching them in this east and central and then some rain. it's just a management official said one hundred twenty five thousand people. ray back a week. southern mindanao island. twenty nine thousand people took shelter there and that i don't approach between the grains were going strong so we decided to leave the house. government officials struggling to back big bands of the damage the mediation laying a beehive in many of the affected areas. all in for a city fan i e down. does regulate the battery light winds. but over the past two years. the clinching ex
of those over eighteen can eat that. us officials say faculty of state john kerry is on display. this offensive saying one second lead him to join them. she has turned to me what steps did i mention taking the first stage of the deal one key issue is whether technology runs right into each ukrainian. i'm not always but it is among the indians called the construction of the heavier more tender yet that they could ease to use that as the teacher extract weapons grade plutonium caught a picture taken at it we don't much of our work already. made progress on about ninety percent of the issue. they're only one or two important matters that remain. therefore we need to continue negotiate. she tells have spent four days to get back. and then save the presence of non profit entity and he suggests that oaks and beats that make or break stage. the land like a therapy team for more help for some of the most vulnerable survivors of time than honey and they say more than a million children in the philippines and risk of malnutrition. officials for the unicef save more and more children in th
when you read. the us. one what will or will the ira welcome to nhk world news line and you know tony in tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the chinese government officials have rejected a call from south korea to revise their new era defense identification zone as nations continued to define it. thailand's prime minister has called for an end to protests after she scored a victory in parliament. but her opponent about to carry on until she wins. and competition is heating up the japan trip and orchards with duty free shopping. as the country welcomes a record number of visitors this season. chinese leaders are standing their ground in the face of more complaints over their newly established air defense identification zone. they've rejected a request by south korea to revise the zone which is over the east china sea. the airspace overlaps areas claimed by japan taiwan and south korea. senior government officials from china and south korea. talk about those only in seoul south korean officials say vice defense minister pics on to our pics soon jun
for acts of terrorism as they prepare for an important time in its party meeting in beijing. us newspaper has released a further report classified documents the former nsa contractors kids and me to be among the country's spy on us. and president of the russian resort city of sochi. art in our moral activity three times the hands of the winter olympics. chinese officials are tightening security in beijing ahead of the key meeting of the communist party. they increase measures follow last week's fatal car crash near tiananmen square which the government deemed an act of terror. security minister in motion coup he has ordered officials to quash acts of terrorism in the planning stage the ministry's web site said grow inspected police boxes and subway stations in the capital on monday the website reported that grow urge police officers to increase their visibility so citizens will feel safer gross said china faces a tough fight against terrorism he called for extra vigilance. last week a sport utility vehicle veered into a crowd of tourists then crashed and burst into flames the three passe
the ubc professor telling us to try and analyze the movement of the ways he says at the front. they were traveling at more than fifty kilometers per hour. and that the strike with of the tsunami. one can easily get swept away by bus to the border. so it's important to people to stay away from water. polka dotted it quickly. when they're already in it. i'm not really thin and business news representatives from twelveth to the green countryside gathering once again to negotiate free trade deal. i havent heard the snap on the business with the details that outside what the status of these shots but they are racing against the self imposed deadline on capital less than two months and at the things god they've left the lot of the sticking points for the last countries involved in the free trade pact end of the chants pacific partnership have started talks to help conclude the negotiations by the end of the year the chief delegates from twelve nations began the six day talks in salt lake city in the us state of utah did discussing the removal of tariffs and other trade barriers and twenty one
at the time the supermarket opened in two thousand and eleven i know. a senior us diplomat has stressed his country will not resume the six party talks over north korea's nuclear development. that's the last leaders in pyongyang show they're ready to scrap their nuclear weapons. u s special representative for north korea policy glyn davies met with his south korean counterpart phil taylor in seoul on friday. davies express strong discontent with the north's officials he said. they failed to show they're serious about making concessions. we call on north korea. to meaningfully. in the direction of the demands made by the international community to give up its nuclear weapons. that or that we had a good discussion this is part of the ongoing negotiation process among six countries for north korea's denuclearization the baby's bed earlier with china's nuclear envoy would die away who chairs the six party talks in beijing. they agreed to put more pressure on the north. if readers don't take action. davies plastic ordinate with japan and south korea as well as china to keep the pressure on the n
that she will die each day. such is the decommissioning and removal of use fuel rods we're encouraged to be able to work together to work with you peeps. there is still working on ways to identify example when adelaide and divorce case the team from one to keep track of the movement of contaminated ground for tat. it was all costs. crooner who knew loon i do. do. she finally the history of chalk let's go back centuries but it was used for medicinal purposes such as to satisfy a sweet tooth. how and the chocolate made from and has a long being appreciate it. our co stars from around the world have gathered in paris but people are celebrating their passion for his exceptional contacts. on one hundred thousand th of that and said displaying their creations at the summer edition not the most modern chocolate back to japanese among the top recipients of the times. on thursday that she owned shops in tokyo and down spraying japan. this is the first time he sent at the competition. today's creations and he maintains he is as easy as citrus fruits and japanese aircraft mounties based in paris
do. the us. i don't i welcome to the world is love and you know tommy and tokyo shares a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. relief workers are trying to bring food water and medical supplies to people in the central philippines in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon. cambodia windsor partially goal victory over thailand by un court rules on some disputed land here. it stores to and the teaching of japan's population is affected almost every aspect of society. even chris is creating new talent rescuers in the philippines are struggling to reach as survivors and many remote areas affected by typhoon quite yet. airports have been flattened and roads are blocked. the official death toll has topped seventeen hundred but authorities fear that number could rise dramatically to at least ten thousand the money and battered the islands including wheat and some on friday before heading out over the south china sea. it made its main city of le bon the move almost nothing was left untouched. local media say coastal areas were flattened by waves more than four m
are currently stored in a pool. most of them are used, extremely hot and highly radioactive. the march 2011 earthquake and tsunami triggered a hydrogen explosion that damaged the reactor 4 building. workers will use a crane attached to a specially built structure to remove the rods. tepco officials say it will take more than a year to complete the operation. the workers will then have to remove fuel rods from three other reactor buildings. residents of fukushima have mixed feelings about the fuel rod removal. the project is a positive step in decommissioning the process, but it could also put local people at risk. a 64-year-old man who operates a dry cleaning business near the plant welcomes the move. >> translator: this is the first step in the decommissioning process. people here have high hopes that things will slowly return to normal and we can go back to our old lives. >> but some locals are expressing concern over possible safety problems with the delicate removal process. >> translator: i am worried about whether it will go smoothly because of all the debris. >> translator: what i am
politician says edward snowden is willing to testify in an investigation that u.s. agents monitored the cell phone of german chancellor angela merkel. the lawmaker met the former u.s. intelligence contractor in moscow. german media say the legislator of the opposition green party hans christian strobella spent three hours with snowden. snowden reportedly said he's ready to speak before german prosecutors and members of parliament. he told german tv that snowden appeared to have a lot of information about the eavesdropping issue. observers believe his testimony will help shed light on the alleged spying but they also expect washington to oppose the move. the u.s. government demands that moscow return snoweden to face charges. he now lives in russia under asylum. >>> representatives of an international monitoring organization are reporting progress in the first phase of their efforts to rid syria of chemical weapons. officials with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons say the government has destroyed all of its production facilities. >> the syrian government has completed w
will support us in deepening economic and cultural ties with arab nations. >> reporter: in this autonomous region, more than 1/3 of the population belong to the ethnic group. the city is dotted with mosques. on fridays, people wearing traditional prayer caps gather to pray. chinese leaders have been encouraging the muslim residents to strengthen their ties with arab states because they have so much in common. in ningxu hui, a special building for the trade goes up. they resemble buildings in arab countries, which are starting to spread in the region. so has an interest by young locals in the arab culture. >> reporter: six years ago, the muslim international language college opened in the suburb of the capital. 1,500 students attend classes there. they come from the autonomous region and all over china. most study arabic. during the recent trade fair, 60 teachers and students served as volunteer interpreters. most support promoting ties with arab countries. >> translator: for those of us studying arabic, the china arab states expo was a great opportunity. >> translator: arabic is required i
, of course, tightly linked to the u.s. economically and through their joint security alliance. for russia, any new framework with japan could drive a wedge in the alliance between japan and the u.s. there have been signs of improvement in relations since prime minister abe came into power, but russian leaders are demanding japan make concessions. so the russians will try to push for compromises from japan, while promoting dialogues for that new framework. >> reporter: the two sides have gone without a peace treaty for decades. prime minister abe has warned that there's no magic wand to settle the dispute, but he hopes that by talking, they can find some common ground. >>> a south korean court ordered a japanese company to compensate citizens who were sensed to japan as labor in world war ii. this is 68 years after the end of the war. a district court upheld the plaintiff's claims against mitsubishi heavy industries. four former workers and a family member representing deceased relatives are seeking compensation for hard labor at a factory in nagoya. they were brought there in 1944. the co
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